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Cala Galera Marine is a modern touristic port, made of a two elbows breakwater quay and a downdrift quay.
Cala Galera Marine offers visitors a complete nautical assistance and is equipped to host up to 670 pleasure ships with a lenght starting from 6 to 50 metres (from 19 to 165 feet).
Quaysides for 635 Mt ( around 700 yards ), 12 concrete docks ( among them one floating) .
Dockside power ( 220/380V) and water are furnished.
On every dockside power columns with a magnet-thermic differential swicht are order to ensure the user’s maximum safety.
On the two main quays there are several buildings: on the break water one there’s the storehouse and on the downdrif one there’s a commercial area extending for 300 metres ( 330 yards) with 50 differents facilities such as bancomat, stores, bar, ice cream, restourant, pizzeria, a technical assistance store, agency and a supermarket.
Within the commercial area visitors can find naval engineers, architects, carpenters and sails experts ready to solve any nautical problem.
Travel agencies organise outback trips.


from the green lighthouse to the shore, 2 metres ( 6.5 feet) shallow water with a 100 metres ray ( 330 feet)

Opening Timetable:

Non stop

Gateway and port characteristics:

dockage is carried out with chains to deadweights and guide cables. Every vessel has at his disposal rings or bollards on docks. Piers are built on centrifuged concrete pillars.
Such system avoids stagnant waters and backwash inside the port. Three openings under sea level allows a continuos water recycle.
On the entrance, under the control tower, there’s a wharf with a fuel station: premium, diesel and blend.
Harbor is equipped with a fire sprinkler system net and fire extinguishers.
Control tower at the entrance provides to control and coordinate nautical trafic and assigns berth to the pleasure boater.
Communications between Control Tower and boats are ensured night and day on channel VHF.
Twice a day, on summertime, the Tower puts up in the notice board weather forecast and, in case, tempest or thunderstorm notice.
You can access to Cala Galera Marine, on the Argentario’s south-west coast, with every atmospheric condition thank s to the natural promontory protection; meanwhile, the particolar shape of the break water pier prevents the only possible danger, i.e. the sirocco, allowing to every ship an easy navigation, entering or leaving.
The port has a shipyard to mantain and repair ships. The shipyard has two travelift up to 80 Tons ( 78 l.t) and a slipway up to 300 tons ( 295 l.t) and has bigger spaces in the inner part.
2180 ( E 1504 ) – Red sidelight isophase with white sector, period 2 sec., 10 M reach within the white sector, 7 in the red one on the break water head ( white sector visible from 197° to 017°, red from 017° to197°); 2181 ( E 1504.4) – Green sidelight isophase , 2 sec period., Reach 6, on the downdrift head ( visible from 085° to 275°).


Sandy close to the entrance, muddy inside.

Sea floor:

On quay from 3.5 to 6 metres (from 11,5 to 20 feet)


670, among them 60 reserved to transit, for ships from 6 to 50 metres.


It’s forbidden enter the port sailing and anchoring; maximum speed allowed 3 knots.


Sirocco-mistral ( thermic following on summertime sun rise – set )

Prevailing wind:

East - SE


From winds of I-II-IV quadrants.

Safest and closest radstead:

Porto Ercole, roadstead S.Caterina and roadstead Avvoltore fari 0.5 M and 2 M open to II e III quadrant winds.

Car circulation:

Cars are allowed in the portal area, only with pass released by the Port Direction. Also the berth users non member of the club can ask a pass to the Direction after they have payed the ship stop.
The pass permits the vehicoles stop in the port area in specific places, for the authorized time.

Services and facilities:

Gas Station, Diesel and blend in wharf ( timetable h.8:30/12:30 e 15:30/18:30) Power supply, potable water and water to wash - quays lighting – Public phone Telecom Italia – Bancomat – slip way call up to 300 tons – rotating crane up to 40 tons - 2 Travelifts up to 80 tons – layin up out-indoor- Engine workshop - technical and electronic assistance - Fixing every kind of hull - 

Guardianship – Pilotage – persons who moors boats – scuba drivers – hygienic services and hot water showers – weather forecast – fire-prevention – rubbish collection – car parking – bar ice cubers selling – grocer’s supplying.